Motor simulator for a robotic high efficient-low cost joint


This tutorial describes the necessary steps to install a motor simulator used to investigate about a robotic high efficient-low cost joint. It simulates the behavior of an electrical motor while moving a one degree free joint when receives a current define by the user. It shows two comparative graphs indicating the actual motor joint position in real time.

Installation Section

  • This simulator requires similar packages and tools than the objective_manipulation_robot_simulator.
  • If you have Debian Jessie stable you can install the package below. Else, Install debian in a chroot Debian Unstable inside a Chroot. Is important to change the name of the motor simulator if you have any other simulator that uses a chroot or you are thinking of installing another simulator with this characteristic, since having more than one chroot could represent a problem without any good name and identification.
debootstrap --arch amd64 sid /var/sid-amd64-chroot 

* Now is necessary to change the bash file with this script for the necessary system directories.

CHROOT_NAME=`basename $0 .sh` 

if [ ! -e /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME ]
    sudo touch /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME
    sudo bash -c "echo 1 > /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME"
    sudo bash -c "echo `expr 1 + \`cat /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME\`` > /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME"

if [ `cat /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME` -eq 1 ]
    echo "First chroot invocation. Mounting host system directories"
    sudo mkdir -p $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/hostfs
    #mount -o bind /home/ $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/home
    sudo mount proc -t proc $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/proc
    sudo mount -o bind /dev $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/dev
    sudo mount sys -t sysfs $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/sys
    sudo mount none -t devpts $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/dev/pts
    sudo mount -o bind / $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/hostfs
    sudo mount -o bind /run/shm $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/run/shm
    xhost +local:

echo "Starting chroot."
#dchroot -c $CHROOT_NAME
sudo chroot $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME su - $1
echo "Chroot closed."

if [ `cat /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME` -eq 1 ]
    echo "Closing last invocation. Unmounting host system directories"
    for i in dev/pts proc dev sys run/shm hostfs
  sudo umount $CHROOT_DIR/$CHROOT_NAME/$i
        sleep 0.5

sudo bash -c "echo `expr \`cat /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME\` - 1` > /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME"

if [ `cat /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME` -eq 0 ]
    sudo rm /var/run/$CHROOT_NAME

Form now on we will be working inside the simulator (chroot).

 sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-opengl python-pygame python-matplotlib python-sip python-sip-dev python-qt4-dev python-qt4 python-gtk2 python-gtk2-dev python-vtk python-pyvtk python-gtkglext1 libeigen3-dev

Now we proceed to install necessary tools for the viewer to work

Install viewer Avispy:

 #install avispy
 echo "install avispy"
 cd $HOME/local/src
 git clone
 cd avispy
 make xstow_install

Install viewer roboview:

 #install roboview
 echo "install roboview"
 cd $HOME/local/src
 git clone
 cd roboview
 make xstow_install

install cmoc:

 #install cmoc
 echo "install cmoc"
 cd $HOME/local/src
 git clone
 cd cmoc
 make xstow_install

install pyrovito:

 #install pyrovito
 echo "install pyrovito"
 cd $HOME/local/src
 git clone
 cd pyrovito
 make xstow_install

install vfl:

 #install vfl
 echo "vfl"
 cd $HOME/local/src
 git clone
 cd vfl
 make xstow_install

install arcospyu:

 #install arcospyu
 echo "install arcospyu"
 cd $HOME/local/src
 git clone
 cd arcospyu
 make xstow_install

Clone the follow repository that contain simulator and the viewer main programs. This repository most be cloned while been inside the chroot in the ~/local/src directory.

 git clone

Running the programs

Ones you successfully clone the simulator and the viewer and your chroot is running correctly follow the next steps:

  • Open one terminal and get inside the chroot proposed to this simulator and execute the command “yarpserver” (verify that there are not any error. Else correct them).
  • In other terminal get inside the directory that contains the programs ¨“ and” and run the viewer program (you should see a black background windows)and then the simulator program in a third terminal by taping “python”.
  • Ones you execute the programs you will be asked to enter a quantity of current for the motor simulator to run. This number most be under 0.01 A for now since this is a protect in progress.

Frequent problems

  • While configuring yarp code and selecting the features you need in “ccmake” and if you do not make an user in the chroot you should change the “CMAKE INSTALL PREFIX to /root/local/DIR/yarp”. This step also solves the QT5 problem when configuring ccmake ../.
  • If you have any error while running the “ program this most be a communication problem just reload the terminal that is executing yarp.

Multi-optimization termal model

Documentation by Mauricio Rodríguez Calvo 2016/11/22
As part of master research project.

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