Thesis Writing Guide

  • The thesis must acknowledge at least to following University units:
    • People that helped you in the lab.
    • INII
    • EIE
    • Vicerrectoría Investigación (Fondos de proyectos de investigación)
    • Rectoría (Special Equipment)
    • To consider depending on the project:
      • Posgrado ingeniería eléctrica y otros posgrados
    • Private companies that made a donation. (Equipment donated)
  • If this thesis was made under a research project, there must be an explicit mentioned of this project.
  • All thesis must send a paper to “La revista de ingeniería”. Before a signature will be granted. The first author will be the student developing this thesis, the last author will be the professor guiding this work. The authors in the middle will be any other person that contributed to the work of the paper.
  • Each chapter must have an initial text shortly reviewing the whole chapter. In this chapter we will study … , and ,… , and…. Finally we present/analize …
  • Each chapter must end with a final section reviewing the main conclusions of the whole chapter: In this chapter we explored the possibility of ,,,…, also [someone] [someone] proved that …. , Finally we could conclude that ….
  • Use present tense, everywhere
  • For electrical diagrams, use the robot platform as an example of the convention to use for making an electrical diagram.
  • All web links must be explicit in the bibligraphy. No pdf “click” links are allowed. Also if a git commit must be referenced, it should be indicated in the bib with the hash number.
  • Don't forget to add a “nomenglatura” (Abbreviations) section. Follow this guideline: First mention should go complete with abbreviation in parenthesis. Example:
Escuela de Ingeniería Eléctrica (EIE)
  • Next mentions can only be the abbreviation (EIE)

Bachellor specifics

  • As part of the design, there should always be a section explaining the clients needs ending with a list of requirements.
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