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- import sys, os +  ​import sys, os 
- ​import optparse +  import optparse 
-  +   
- #​parsing args +  #parsing args 
- ​parser=optparse.OptionParser("​usage:​ %prog [options]"​) +  parser=optparse.OptionParser("​usage:​ %prog [options]"​) 
- ​parser.add_option("​-r",​ "​--robot",​ dest="​robot",​ default="​lwr",​ type="​string",​ help="​robot name"​) +  parser.add_option("​-r",​ "​--robot",​ dest="​robot",​ default="​lwr",​ type="​string",​ help="​robot name"​) 
- ​(options,​ args)=parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:​])+  (options, args)=parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:​])
 options.<​variable>​ will contain the data you need from the command line. options.<​variable>​ will contain the data you need from the command line.
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