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   * The Left-click it and select your desired network.   * The Left-click it and select your desired network.
   * If the network requires a password connman-ui-gtk will ask for it now.   * If the network requires a password connman-ui-gtk will ask for it now.
 +  * To start the connman-ui-gtk automatically everytime you login, in your panel, go to Applications->​Settings->​Session and Startup->​Application Autostart
 +  * Press +ADD
 +  * Fill in the fields and be sure to put in "​Command":​ "​connman-ui-gtk"​
   * You are done!    * You are done! 
 +=== connman plus eduroam ===
 +  * You need to install a certificate from Centro de Informática. For that you have to run the Linux Installer script (made only for Network Manager). This script will install the certificate in your home in ~/​.cat_installer/​ca.pem
 +  * Download and run the installation script from centro de informática:​ [[https://​ci.ucr.ac.cr/​auri/​]]
 +  * Make a text file /​var/​lib/​connman/​eduroam.config with the following content:
 +  [service_eduroam]
 +  Type=wifi
 +  Name=eduroam
 +  EAP=ttls
 +  CACertFile=/​home/​username/​.cat_installer/​ca.pem
 +  Phase2=PAP
 +  Identity=*your ucr email address*
 +  AnonymousIdentity=anonymous@ucr.ac.cr
 +  Passphrase=*your_password*
 +  * The certificate that centro de informática distributes is old and obsolete. You need to add the following to the file /​etc/​wpa_supplicant/​wpa_supplicant.conf (create the file if it doesn'​t exist):
 +  * Kill any wpa_supplicant that is running and restart connman. (Restart your computer if you have troubles with this)
 +  * Connect to eduroam. It should work!
 ==== Wicd ==== ==== Wicd ====
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