Generic 3D Printer

This page was created to collect important information about construction a Generic 3D Printer based on Ultimaker 1 3D Printer design.

—Project Manager: Dannier Castro León

Ultimaker Official Web Pages, Open Source, Relevant Information

Ultimaker Home-Page
Ultimaker 1 (Original) 3D Printer Page
Cura Software : It includes everything you need to prepare a 3D file for printing and to print it.

Github: Cura Development Version
Github: CuraEngine : It is just a console application for GCode generation.
Github: Parts for Ultimaker-Original (.step)

Ultimaker Laser Cut Drawings (.pdf) (.ai) (.eps)

Injection Molded Parts for Ultimaker (.stl)

Bill of materials: Ultimaker Original
Bill of material: UltiController

Bill of Materials: Dannier ADDs : Remove .pdf extension (keep .okular)

Materials, Prices, WebShop

Generic 3D-Joy

Thermocouple board Spacer
Print Generic
ISO 7380
M3x10 (45)M3x12 (5)M3x16 (67)M3x20 (12)M3x25 (1)M3x30 (53)
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