Dual Capability Map Simulator

Coordinator: Israel Chaves

Main Developer: Dr. rer. nat Federico Ruiz

Contributor: Daniel García Vaglio


This is a robot simulator for the ARCOS-LAB's robot . It simulates its two KUKA LWR4+ arms and two DLR HIT II hands, force and torque sensing; and the torso DFG by the lead screw. It also simulates friction between an object, a table and robot fingers.

It simulates multiple arms set-ups and scores the manipulation capabilities of each set-up tested from touching a sphere. The robot is defined by its kinematics descriptions and its tested in one-single hand manipulation, two-hand manipulation and collaborative manipulation tasks.

Installation instructions

First, you need to install the simulator:

  • You can install this directly on your system if you have Debian Jessie stable.
  • Install software needed:
 sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy python-opengl python-pygame python-matplotlib python-sip python-sip-dev python-qt4-dev python-qt4 python-gtk2 python-gtk2-dev python-vtk python-pyvtk python-gtkglext1 libeigen3-dev python-yaml
  • Download the following installation script. Before executing you have to read the script


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